Double Take

We give you Kayla Yiu and Timothy Rhodes with a double take on hospitality and what it may look like in your home.


Take 1: Good and Dirty

by Kayla Yiu


My mom used to clean the entire house from ceiling fan to baseboard on a weekly basis. The rest of us learned to bounce across freshly mopped floors in socks and turn off the television when the vacuum began to buzz. Every Sunday the smell of Windex would carry us into another week of school, music, and homework, and if we caught a whiff of chemicals another day, that meant company was on the way. Any guest of hers got fresh linens, a sparkling bathroom, and a delectable meal—nothing less. Read more >


Take 2: Free to Enter

by Timothy Rhodes


Most gatherings at our home look similar: A heap of shoes rests by the front door, jackets and purses placed wherever there is room. A kid in a superhero costume periodically emerges from his bedroom to fly circles throughout the house. Uninitiated guests stumble over stray Legos and wooden trains—remnants from a last-minute scramble to make the place appear presentable. A group congregates in the kitchen, snacking from various pans and slow cookers and store-bought baked goods. Read more >


Illustrations by Jason Ford

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