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Sometimes, God just asks us to trust Him. Because of this man’s obedience, people all over Greece are listening to In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley and growing in their faith.

Theodore Kalogeropoulos never thought he’d be involved in radio. As a boy, he dreamed of a career in television, and he was always enamored with the visual arts—things like photography and design. As a young man, Theodore became a graphic designer, and still hoped to work in television one day. When he entered Bible college, he thought he was well on the way to a Greek television ministry. But God had other plans.

After graduation, Theodore prayed, asking God to show him what to do with his future. The following day, a missionary friend asked him if he’d like to be involved in a Christian radio program. Insisting that he was “a TV guy,” Theodore thought he was closing the door on an unwanted offer. But the missionary was persistent. Finally, Theodore agreed, thinking that if an opportunity arose in television, he’d leave immediately.

 Messenger - GreeceTheodore Kalogeropoulos, the “voice of Dr. Stanley in Greek,” has recorded over 150 of Charles Stanley’s discipleship messages for radio listeners and for the Messenger Lab’s micro SD card.

That was years ago. Today, Theodore is the voice of Dr. Stanley on Trans World Radio in Athens. Every week, his recordings in Greek of In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley are available to millions of listeners in two countries—Greece and Albania. And 60 of the sermons he recorded are included on the Greek version of the In Touch micro SD.

After joining TWR, Theodore says, “I understood why the radio is wonderful.” He recognizes its ability to go anywhere, even into small villages. He loves that people can listen to the broadcast while doing other things, like working or driving. And he describes the radio as an intimate form of communication, something people can enjoy alone, perhaps with headphones. This way, God can work privately in people’s hearts as they hear the story of the gospel.

Theodore was faithful to God’s call, and his obedience has been rewarded. He’s heard testimonies from many people whose lives have been changed by the In Touch radio program. They know about God, Theodore says, but they don’t know “all these details.” Christians in Greece are often in desperate need of discipleship. They call the station to share the impact the broadcast has made in their hearts as they’ve understood God’s love for the very first time, and that’s a great blessing for Theodore.

Not only that, but his ministry has grown to include a website, a YouTube channel—and yes, a 30-minute television program.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel,
for it is the power of God for salvation
to everyone who believes.”
—Romans 1:16


Messenger - GreeceIn Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley is broadcast in Greek over the airwaves in Greece and Albania.

Messenger - GreeceGeorge, a local church leader, shows a woman how to use the In Touch micro SD card to play the Bible and sermons from Dr. Stanley out loud directly through her cell phone in Greek.

Because of the support of people like you, In Touch Messenger devices have been given to many in Greece, both locals and foreigners, who need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing God’s life-saving Word.

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