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Millionth Messenger History and Celebration

In 2007, In Touch began a new way in reaching those who weren’t able to hear the message of the gospel. Today we celebrate a milestone and continue to look towards the future with the celebration of the 1 millionth Messenger.

The Good Neighbor

Gershon knew he was called to share Jesus with the people of Galilee, and God showed him how.

Hope for the Holy Land

Christianity is alive and well in the place of its birth.

From Russia With Love

Lev Belov doesn’t let the tense climate between Russia and Ukraine keep him from sharing the Word of God.

Messenger Lab - Tanzania
Messenger Lab Update: Fred and Leisha Otieno

In January, we introduced you to Fred Otieno and his important ministry among refugees in Tanzania. Since then, Otieno visited Atlanta, Georgia where he was invited to teach his trauma healing seminar in the UN-resettlement area of Clarkston, Georgia.

Messenger Lab - Sky
The Gospel of Love and Service

This former U.S. Marine returned years later to the streets of Iraq. His newfound faith in Jesus gave him the strength to help his former enemies see the love of Christ and learn about the Savior. In Touch Messengers in Arabic helped him spread God’s Word with those who might otherwise never hear it.

Messenger Lab - Jonathan
A Solid Foundation

Jonathan Reed and his family spent years among the indigenous communities of Belize, offering support and training to local pastors. Now, equipped with experience and In Touch Messengers, K'ekchi leaders are serving their own churches.

Messenger Lab - From Jungle to Battlefield
From Jungle to Battlefield

We’re working with missionaries and other kingdom workers to share the gospel and discipleship resources around the world.

Messenger Lab - Russ
If I Had A Thousand

Once busy planting churches across Latin America, Russ and his wife, Lynn, are now focused on pastoral training. Local church leaders, who are striving to create strong fellowships and protect their flocks, are using In Touch Messengers to stay close to God’s Word.

A Faithful Frequency

Theodore Kalogeropoulos witnessed God's victory in evangelical radio broadcasting in Greece.

The Life I’d Like

In pursuit of glory

Until That Day

Through illness and a shifting ministry landscape, Jonathan Reed continues to move forward.

Messenger - Greece
To Share With Him Who Has None

The refugee crisis in Greece is compounded by an economic downturn the country has yet to recover from. But local Christians are serving the poor however they can—and the In Touch Messenger is helping them share the gospel in the process.

Messenger - Greece
A Voice for the Truth

Sometimes, God just asks us to trust Him. Because of this man’s obedience, people all over Greece are listening to In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley and growing in their faith.

Messenger - Greece
Greece: Love in the Midst of Crisis

Come learn what the church is doing in Greece, and how the In Touch Messenger Lab is helping Christians spread the Word of God and the love of Christ.